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The vlle is a received poetic form originating from Britain under Henry VIII, that has been all but abandoned by most English-speaking countries, with the notable exception of Southeast Asia, where it has experienced a revival in its usage. 

The vlle was invented by British ecclesiasticals in the 16th century, and formulated in reaction to Henry VIII's creation of the Anglican church. It later flowed into India in the 19th century via colonisation, and was grudgingly adopted by the local literati despite its dissonances with classical Hindu forms. The form was roundly rejected by Indian poets in the modern day, but has retained its popularity in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia and Singapore.
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Structure[edit]Vlle are constructed as a series of three-line stanzas. The first line contains three words and begins the poetic thought, and is followed by a couplet of seven words each. The couplet should conclude with masculine rhymes. Feminine rhymes ar…